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February 2021


January 2021

…the before

Feeling like you are ready to take on a new challenge or role in life is something that we all experience at some time. I am particularly drawn to always evolving and becoming more through the things I learn and the jobs that I do. Teaching in the creative industries is fulfilling and lets me express my love for artistic and inspirational forms of consumable culture, while working with people at the start of their journey with a world of creative potential ready to be set alight. Seeing people embrace their passion and launch themselves into uncertain careers, not for financial security, but for the pure love of what they do is the most magical thing to watch.

As I feel the pull to expand my own experiences and develop a new role in my life I find myself being called by this same passion that I see in artistic people on their journey, but following an emotional path to love. Becoming a celebrant and being invited to officiate over the sacred moment of a ceremony calls to me in the same way that teaching does. The magical moment where a transition is imprinted on a person, whether it is a marriage, a naming ceremony, or any other moment that a person wants to use to punctuate something deeply important to them, is something that I feel calling to me.

Just at a point where I feel myself craving a new path that involves love and connections the opportunity to train to become a celebrant becomes available to me. So my journey will begin next month when I will undertake my training. My motivation is ready and waiting for this new challenge and I am approaching this new calling with passion and excitement

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