About Me

Jules Wallace

(BA, MDes)

I am a busy working mum and spend my time mostly between lecturing on the creative industries and spending time with my two little boys. I love everything creative and helping people to find their inspiration and passions in life. Arts is part of my soul and I am fortunate to have built my career around it. I adore the term ‘multipotentialite’ as I feel that describes me well with my constant enthusiasm to learn new things and juggle different projects. I love that one day I can be found working as a scenic artist in a theatre covered in paint and the next day I will be dressed in my finest clothes conducting a wedding.

Although I teach Creative Industries, I also have a degree in Community Development, a Masters in Design Innovation & Citizenship, and am working on my PhD on Reducing the poverty related attainment gap. I am passionate about social justice, inclusion and equity and a strong advocate for equal rights in all aspects of life, including rights of passage like weddings. I believe in the power of connection between people and that this is what is important in a union rather than any definitions of gender.

My favourite thing is to meet new people and build connections. I find hearing the stories of how people met and grew into a partnership so interesting and I love weaving this into a script for ceremony. Pragmatic at work but a hopeless romantic at heart guides my style of attention to detail. I aim to truly re-tell the story of the couple in a way that is authentic to them.

I really love conducting weddings because I get to help couples share the story of their relationship in front of their nearest and dearest with a unique and individual script. My favourite thing is to bring the essence of the couple into the ceremony and watch the reactions of the guests as they respond to the emotional and funny moments that only people who know the couple well would get. It is this intimacy of detail that I feel makes the ceremony truly special and not just full of generic words.

As a humanist celebrant I remain neutral in all things and see myself purely as the channel to present and tell the story of the couple. I am happy to include any ritual important to the you regardless of culture, religion, LGBTQ+, or anything else you deem important to the ceremony.

I am a practicing humanist celebrant in association with the charitable organisation A Quiet Revolution. As part of A Quiet Revolution a portion of all fees are donated to the charity to help tackle funeral poverty. Being a member of this organisation means I am fully able to conduct legal wedding ceremonies in Scotland.

Please feel free to reach out if you would like to chat about your upcoming ceremony. I love making new connections with people and am always happy to email, meet in person, phone, or even video call so that couples can get a feel for me. Having the right person to conduct your wedding ceremony is so important and I am happy to be part of your journey to find that even if it ends up being with someone else. Trust your intuition and the rest will follow.

Reach me at: jewelofscotlandcelebrant@gmail.com

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